Apr 25, 2015

Beginnings: Healing Experiences

My belief in natural healing has always been strong and one of the first experiences I remember having is after my grandfather passed on. I was staying with one of his neighbours after the funeral. I didn’t know them well and felt a little uneasy about being there. The day had been difficult and emotional, I was quite close to my grandfather and found it hard to accept he had gone.  As I got into the strange bed, I felt quite drained and started having severe pains in my stomach. Having studied Reiki One, I laid my hands on my body in the Universal Position we had been taught and felt the pain literally drain away – to be replaced with a feeling of calm and heat. I went on to sleep well.

After that I began to practice healing on my friends and later on clients.  At a gathering one night, I was asked by one of my friends to do a tarot reading for her. She had been through two miscarriages, so I was a little nervous about the reading.  I was delighted to see the cards said she would become pregnant in the winter months and give birth to a boy in late autumn. She went on to give birth to a healthy son in October. Beforehand, after seeing her, I had placed a chair in the centre of my living room and visualized her sitting on it and seeing my hands on her shoulders, I sent her distant healing.  The reason she had miscarried, was due to her having fibroids.  After the last one, the doctor told her she would need an operation.  When the time came for a scan, the doctor was surprised to see that they had disappeared and she then subsequently went on to become pregnant.

A few years on, a lady responded to an ad I had placed in the local newspaper. She sent me a photograph of herself and asked me to send her some distant healing. She too had a fibroid.  She asked me to visit her to do some hands on healing, which I did twice for her.  She was due to have an operation. The fibroid had become very large and she looked quite heavily pregnant. The doctors told her it would grow more. Before the surgery was due, she had a scan and the fibroid had shrunk so it was now hardly noticeable. She told the doctor she had received some hands-on healing and he said to her that he had heard of this before and seen similar results.   She never had the operation.

I use Reiki every day… both on myself, my son, sending it to friends and clients and even on my pets. I have no doubt it works and it has changed my life in such a huge way. I think without it, my life would have been quite different and not as calm and healthy.


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