Apr 14, 2015

Beginnings: Reading Tarot Cards

When I bought my first set of tarot cards over 25 years ago, I felt excited but a little nervous about reading them… would they scare me or tell me something I didn’t want to know? I was excited and yet a bit hesitant about getting to know them. I had read somewhere that before starting to read, it was a good idea to “season” the deck. I bought myself a blue satin scarf, wrapped them up and placed them under my pillow for two weeks. During that time, my dreams became vivid and colourful. It was as though the cards were talking to me at a sub-conscious level.

The first reading I did was very clear, even though I didn’t know the meanings of the cards then, I could tell by the images that a big change was coming for me. For the next few weeks I handled the cards in the evening as much as I could whilst relaxing and studied their meanings from a book I had been recommended.

When the change happened (a long term friendship came to an end), I realized that there was something very powerful about the tarot deck.
Since then I have used several other packs, but will never forget my first ones… they were called ‘Rider Waite’. I am not sure what happened to them, but I hope whoever has them receives as much insight as I did and have done in subsequent years.