I came to study healing through my own struggles in life, growing up was a challenging time for me and the discovery, initially of self-healing, was a lifesaving experience.

I practise Reiki and Spiritual Healing. This is a hands-on therapy which channels universal energy to the recipient and helps restore balance and healing to the body. It can also be used at a distance to reach the person. I also implement into my work relaxation therapy, including the use of correct breathing and visualisation to help with any obstacles or challenges the client is facing. I believe we can manifest our wishes through positive thought. I also believe that we are far more powerful beings than we are taught. My work is, I feel, transformative and helps break the patterns of conditioning.

We can all be whole, with a little help from the universe.

Your Options:

1-to-1 Healing Session

As I live in West Cork, Ireland, all 1-to-1 Healing Sessions will take place at premises in West Cork. Please use my contact form to make arrangements for an appointment.

“Distance” Healing Session

You will need to send a picture of yourself, or the person who requires the healing, to me via the form below. I will make contact with you after receiving payment to facilitate your session.

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    Thank you,
    Sue ♥